GPS Network TimeServer ETS-204 (GPS NTP Server)


Compact GPS NTP Server (Network TimeServer)



Small But Very Powerful Server.



( Designed by Japan/Made in Korea ) 


Compact GPS TimeServer
Compact GPS TimeServer


GPS TimeServer ETS-204 (V2) - features.  



Built-in protocol :
1. NTP V3, V4 (NTP Multicast)

2. Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

3. Windows Net Time

4. RS-232 DATA Protocol (customization support)



Mounted Modules :

1. NTP Server Module

2. GPS receiving module

3. Radio clock (60khz/40khz - Japan) receiving module

4. RTC (RealTimeClock - SEIKO) module

5. Built-in Dual Battery


Merit :

1. Small size (120x100mm)

2. Double Noise Cut filter

3. Can bring the power from USB of the other device



Power Supply:
1. Dedicated AC adapter (noise resistant) or USB port



Purpose :

1. medical equipment,

2. banking equipment,

3. security equipment (DVR),

4. ATM booth

5. etc.



Certification :

FCC, CE, KCC(Korea), PSE(Japan), RoHS 


GPS Network TimeServer
GPS Network TimeServer