GPS TimeServer ETS-203 (GPS Network TimeServer)


Compact GPS Network TimeServer (Network NTP Server)



Small But Very Powerful Server.



( Designed By Japan / Made in Korea )



Compact GPS Network TimeServer
Compact GPS TimeServer


GPS TimeServer ETS-203 - features.  



Built-in protocol :
1. NTP V3, V4 (NTP Multicast)

2. Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

3. Windows Net Time

4. RS-232 DATA Protocol (customization support)



Mounted Modules :

1. NTP Server Module

2. GPS receiving module

3. Radio clock (60khz/40khz - Japan) receiving module

4. RTC (RealTimeClock - SEIKO) module

5. Built-in Dual Battery


Merit :

1. Small size (120x100mm, 300g)

2. Double Noise Cut filter

3. GPS antenna can be extended up to 35 meters

4. Can bring the power from USB of the other device



Power Supply:
1. Dedicated AC adapter (noise resistant) or USB port



Purpose :

1. medical equipment,

2. banking equipment,

3. security equipment (DVR),

4. ATM booth

5. etc.



Certification :

KCC(Korea), PSE(Japan), RoHS 


GPS Network TimeServer
GPS Network TimeServer