GPS Network Time Servers (Network Time Protocol Server)


Compact GPS Network Time Server ETS-204(V2)


GPS Network NTP time servers, timeServers and time synchronization solutions from Gigabyte Mobile Solutions.



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GPS TimeServers
GPS NTP Servers

HD Car BlackBox Systems


HD(high-definition) Car Digital Video Recorders


High-Definition Car BlackBox Systems


High-End Car DVR and Driving Recorders


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HD Car BlackBox
HD Car BlackBox

HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders (HD-CCTV)



HD(high-definition) Digital Video Recorders

*Recording frame : 240fps at 720p / 120fps at 1080p


HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) DVR & HD-SDI Cameras


HD-CCTV DVR - HF-406/812/1612
HD-SDI DVR(Digital Video Recorder)